About BDT

Bahrain Different Thinkers [BDT] is an association of like-minded people which began its service to the Society on 28th June 2016 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Ever Since it’s humble beginning BDT has initiated & involved itself into lot many social service related activities in Bahrain and also in India.

BDT’s mission is to create and spread the message of our selfless friendship & functional Tagline / motto “Sahajeevikalkku Oru Kaithangu” a line in Malayalam which implicates a boundless gist “A Helping Hand for the Fellow Human Beings around us”.

Organizing Free Medical camps to the needy, Periodic Blood Donation drives, Offering Blood donor to the needy using BDT Data Bank, Aiding & Supporting other social, service relevant organizations & activities are few of the initiatives that BDT has successfully completed till now.